Friday, October 17, 2008

Why Wouldn't You Eat It?

Cake: What would be the point in having it if you never ate it? I've always loathed that saying because it is used to imply that the subject is greedy. Well, if that's all it takes then color me covetous.

But my question is, if you have something that you love and you're good at, is it always the right move to use it for profit? I ask because I have often fantasized about going back to school and becoming a real writer. It is something I love and I've always been taught that if you are able to go to work everyday doing something you love, then you've really made it (thanks Dad.) But when the real world comes into play, is it better to keep your passions to yourself?

I've never had to compete with other writers more experienced than me. I've also never had a hard nose critique where your work ends up with so many -'s, ^'s, and X's that it's left to die in a pool of red editor's ink. So what remains is a positive escape. Something I can do just for me that makes me happy and fulfilled. And shouldn't we hold tight the things in life that give us personal satisfaction?

More and more I feel that moving forward in the fashion world is the right move for me. I'm not ready to give up on all my experience and knowledge and start anew. Especially when all I could potentially end up with is a broken passion for writing and a hefty student loan bill.

Maybe it's okay to do something that you like to make money and keep the things you love alive for just


Lisa said...

My brother has always said, "If you've earned the cake, you might as well eat it too." :)

MrsCNLee said...

I see your point. I often worry about the same thing in my own passions. I'm already finding myself getting frustrated and jaded in attempting to teach new moms that flat out dont want to learn the best ways to care for their kids. Sometimes I wish I could just stick to teaching moms that I KNOW want to learn.
My theory is, if you make enough money to have what you need and you don't dread going to work every morning, and you're fulfilled with SOMETHING, even if it's not work, then you're doing well.
Make yourself happy, however you can, as long as you don't make someone else miserable in the process.