Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Essentials

I recently ran across a book that I'm dying to buy. It's called The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nena Garcia (Editor at Large of Elle magazine.) In it, she details 100 types of clothing and accessories that are her picks to make up a stylish look. Some of her choices would definitely not be on my own essentials list (ex: cowboy boots, polo shirt, or wayfarers.) But most of them I completely agree with.

I'm proud to say that with a pair of gold-rimmed Ray Bans, diamond stud earings, Prada loafers and leather riding boots I am on my way to meeting my own list. A few other things I hope to own in the future: tuxedo jacket, quality white button down, pencil skirt, cashmere sweater and an investment bag (kinda like the gorge Gucci tote up top.) I still have a long way to go but I can't wait for the day when I look in my closet and see beautiful pieces that I love and am proud of.

In the book Nena says, "A truly stylish woman makes smart decisions based on good taste, and the ability for an item to endure." I love the idea of having a smaller, yet smarter wardrobe. But this is about more than fashion. It goes hand in hand with developing a clear path for myself and figuring out what kind of woman I want to be. In starting anew, you have the opportunity to get rid of the things that don't service your life or soul. Things that are trendy, cheap and bought on the fly fulfill you for the time being - a fleeting moment. I am looking for more substance in every area of my life, right down the clothes on my back.

Do you agree with me on this? Or do you think it's ubsurd to spend hundreds of dollars on a basic trench coat? And if you're with me, what would be on your list?

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MrsCNLee said...

No actually I think it makes a lot of sense. What we wear is an outward reflection of what we are on the inside. If you look at me today you'd see that I'm lazy and a bit frazzled. I think stream-lining your wardrobe is a great idea for streamlining your life.
As far as what would be on my list, you'd have to tell me! You're my clothes guru. I know a fantastic pair of jeans that you feel great in, and a bra that fits well, looks good under almost anything and will last a good while are both must-haves. As well as a comfy pair of shoes that you can wear with almost anything. I'm fortunate to have those 3, 2 of which you purchased or picked out (the plaid ballet flats, in case you were wondering)